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From local to regional. The Art of Adriatic Croatia from the Middle Ages to the 19th century

About the project
The objective of the project is to conduct fundamental research on selected examples of architecture, painting, sculpture and applied art in the region of Adriatic Croatia, from Istria through Kvarner, central Dalmatia to Dubrovnik, including their immediate hinterland, over a broad period of time from the Middle Ages to the 1800. The research conducted will adhere to the established methodology of identification, documentation, art historical analysis, and valuation of works of art by conducting research in the field, on comparative material, and written and pictorial sources.

Beyond the fundamental research at the local level, related phenomena of artistic production that frequently occur in the wider, regional area of Adriatic Croatia will be identified and defined, establishing thus a methodological framework for the study of coastal, peripheral, and border artistic areas. Deepening our understanding of the artistic phenomena inherent to this coastal, peripheral, and border region, will enrich our regional and national cultural identity and will contribute to the affirmation of parallel research at the wider level facilitating networking and future regional scientific collaborations.

The aim of the project is also to form and strengthen a research team of scientists within the Institute of Art history, within which the intergenerational transfer of knowledge and mentoring of newly employed doctoral assistants and young scientists will be enhanced.

Follow the activities of the research team here.

Results of the project are available through CroRIS.

Project leader
Darka Bilić, PhD

Istraživački tim
Darka Bilić, PhD
Katarina Horvat-Levaj, PhD
Matko Matija Marušić, PhD
Milan Pelc, PhD
Academician Radoslav Tomić, PhD
Vlasta Zajec, PhD
Danko Zelić, PhD
Andrej Žmegač, PhD

Project duration: 2023–2027

Project acronym: LoRegUm

Internal research projects are financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU from funds provided in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026 (NPOO). The amount of their funding is agreed in the Program Agreement within the implementation budget component of the Institute of Art History.