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​The Cycle – European Training in Photographic Legacy Management

Project “The Cycle: European Training in Photographic Legacy Management” (2020 – 2022) gathers five partner institutions from France, Spain and Croatia and is conducted under the EU Creative Europe programme (Culture sub-programme).

The leading partner of the project is Spéos (FR). In addition to the Institute of Art History, the project includes the following partners: Office for Photography (HR), Magnum (FR) and Deusto (ES). The objective of the project is to develop a transnational training and networking program in Photographic Legacy Management.

Photographic archives constitute an important cultural testimony and a catalyst for promoting awareness of shared European history and values. Although efficient management can help ensure the life of the photographic work, PLM requires specific competences that photographers and their assistants lack.

The Cycle seeks to find new, efficient and sustainable forms of preservation and valorisation of photographic artworks in Europe by forming professionals in PLM. Through a high-quality European partnership, The Cycle also aims to create networking opportunity for participating artists and professionals that will contribute to promote their transnational exchange and careers.

Planned project activities will be regularly announced on the Institute’s website and social media.

More information to be found here and through official website of the project.

Project leader (HR/ IAH)
Sandra Križić Roban, scientific adviser

Associates (HR / IAH)
Irena Šimić, professional associate
Ana Ćurić, associate for project management and PR

Contact: Sandra Križić Roban