Međunarodna konferencija

Between Rococo and Classicism

International conference "Between Rococo and Classicism – Ceiling Painting of the second half of the 18th Century" and the meeting of the BCPCE group will be held at the premisses of Croatian Society of Art Historians (Zagreb, Preradovićeva 44/1), starting at 9 am on Monday, October 13, 2014.


The Institute of Art History in Zagreb has the pleasure of inviting the members of the Research Group for Baroque Ceiling Painting in Central Europe (BCPCE) and other scholars, researchers of Baroque Ceiling Painting to participate in the International Conference Between Rococo and Classicism – Ceiling Painting of the second half of the 18th Century which will be held in Zagreb (Croatia) on 13th and 14th October 2014.

The conference will discuss changes in style and content between 1750 and 1800, as well as cultural, political and theoretical phenomena that have been crucial to modifications in rhetoric in late Baroque ceiling painting.

The second day of the conference shall be dedicated to the new findings related to Baroque ceiling painting in Central Europe, in order to gain insight into recent research in iconology, cultural history, migration of artists, ideas and pictorial motives, the reception of the ceiling paintings in local art, attributive problems, painting and architecture, questions of style.

Submission of Abstracts and the deadline

Please send the Proposal abstract in English to the following e-mail address: mbraun / The proposal should include the name of the author, a short professional CV, the name of the author’s institution(s). The deadline for submitting the abstracts to is July 30, 2014.

Authors will be informed about the acceptance of the proposals by the July 15, 2014. Papers accepted for the conference will be published in the Journal of the Institute of Art History 39 (2015.).

Here you can download the call for papers (pdf).

Mirjana Repanić Braun
mbraun /
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