Journal Život umjetnosti

Život umjetnosti is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published twice a year in a bilingual edition (Croatian and English). It conforms to the normative criteria for scholarly publications and nurtures the tradition of continuous publication since 1966. Dedicated to the fields of modern and contemporary art, urbanism, architecture and design, the journal covers a wide range of topics from addressing specific phenomena to deliberating on relevant issues at a theoretical level. The areas of Central and South East Europe are addressed with particular focus, as the contextual placement of Croatian art. The consideration for publishing is limited to original scholarly papers only. Besides scholarly texts, the editorial board holds the right to publish secondary content of expert nature: current events overviews, book reviews, interviews, translations of specialized literature into Croatian etc.

The Journal is available in open access through the portal of Croatian scientific and professional journals Hrčak

Ivana Mance Cipek

Editorial board members
Tamara Bjažić Klarin (Institut za povijest umjetnosti)
Dalibor Prančević (Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilšte u Splitu)
Ana Šeparović (Leksikografski zavod Miroslav Krleža)
Marko Špikić (Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu)
Ana Šverko (Institut za povijest umjetnosti)
Beti Žerovc (Filozofska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani)

ISSN 0514-7794 (print edition)
ISSN 1849-2207 (online edition)


Institute of Art History
Ulica grada Vukovara 68
10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
P. +385 1 6112 043
F. +385 1 6112 742
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Digitization process of archival issues of the journal (no. 1/1966 till no. 61-62/1999), that are mostly sold out, was completed in April 2016. Complete online archive of the articles published in the journal is available in open access through the portal of Croatian scientific and professional journals Hrčak at

Život umjetnosti 35 (1983)

Issue No. 35 (1983)

Zagreb, 1983
Year 17, No. 35
129 pp

Život umjetnosti 33/34 (1982)

Issue No. 33/34 (1982)


Zagreb, 1982
Year 16, No. 33/34
199 pp

Život umjetnosti 32 (1981)

Issue No. 32 (1981)

Zagreb, 1981
Year 15, No. 32
100 pp

Život umjetnosti 31 (1981)

Issue No. 31 (1981)


Zagreb, 1981
Year 15, No. 31
115 pp

Život umjetnosti 29/30 (1980)

Issue No. 29/30 (1980)


Zagreb, 1980
Year 14, No. 29/30
253 pp

Život umjetnosti 28 (1979)

Issue No. 28 (1979)

Zagreb, 1979
Year 13, No. 28
91 pp