Matko Matija Marušić


Born in Zagreb in 1990. After graduating from the Classical High School, he entered the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (history of art and philosophy). In 2015, he enrolled in the postgraduate doctoral study in medieval studies at the same faculty, where he defended his dissertation in October 2019 under the supervision of Danko Zelić and Neven Budak. He took part in student exchanges at the universities of Naples (academic year 2013 – 2014) and Pisa (winter semester 2015 – 2016). He was a visiting student at the University of Cambridge (Lent term 2018). He is the winner of the Rector's Award (2013) and the Award for Graduate Thesis of the Society of Croatian Art Historians (2015).

He participated in two projects of the Croatian Science Foundation: Dubrovnik: Civitas et Acta Consiliorum. Visualizing Development of Medieval Urban Fabric (Institute of Art History, doctoral student, 2015 – 2017) and Ars lignea Adriatica: The woodcarving artistic heritage of the northern Adriatic from 1300 to 1600 (University of Rijeka, postdoctoral fellow, 2020 – 2021).

He is an external associate of the Faculty of Humanities Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek on the course Art of the Middle Ages. Since 2020, he has been a member of the editorial board of the Journal of the Institute for the History of Art (“Radovi Instituta za povijest umjetnosti”).

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