Archival collections, donations and legacies, or personal collections of archival and registry materials, gather material bequeathed by eminent scientists / art historians – researchers, Institute staff and associates, or persons whose personal archival collections have been donated to the Institute through contracts of donation:

  • Bela Auer Donation
  • Anđelko Badurina Legacy
  • Branko Balić Photoarchive
  • Đurđica Cvitanović Donation
  • Ana Deanović Collection
  • Žarko Domljan Collection
  • Miljenka Fischer Legacy
  • Cvito Fisković Collection
  • Božidar Gagro Collection
  • Grgo Gamulin Collection
  • Nenad Gattin Photoarchive
  • Radovan Ivančević Donation
  • Ljubo Karaman Collection
  • Aleksandar Laslo Collection
  • Olga Maruševski Donation
  • Milan Prelog Collection
  • Radoslav Putar Collection
  • Kosta Strajnić Legacy
  • Stjepan Planić Collection

More information on the personal archival collections here.