Organisational Structure

The Institute of Art History (IAH) is organized through departments, research units and administrative services (units).

11. 1. 2024.


The Institute of Art History in Zagreb is a public institution founded in 1961 with the goal of improving and systemizing scientific activity in the field of national artistic and historical heritage.

18. 1. 2016.

Historical portrait

The fundamental guidelines of the Institute's activities were defined during the 1960s by art historians Milan Prelog (1919-1988), for research of historic city cores and built cultural heritage, and Grgo Gamulin (1910-1997), for the field of visual arts. Under the guidance of its founders, the Institute affirmed both its key role and its position as the point of coordination of all art-historical research in Croatia

18. 1. 2016.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council serves as the Institute's expert council.

11. 1. 2024.
Subsidiary in Split

Cvito Fisković Centre

The subsidiary of the Institute of Art History in Zagreb was founded on June 1, 2010.

11. 3. 2024.