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Studies and surveys are the result of applied research that focuses primarily on monuments and urban complexes. Their production is implemented as part of the scientific program of the Institute and realized through cooperation between researchers, research associates and expert associates, based on direct field research and documentation, previous archival research and subsequent interpretation and expert presentation of a monumental complex, an individual cultural property or a historical unit. This type of project activity affirms the long-standing tradition of the Institute's presence in the field of practical research on monumental heritage and its conservation.

Here you can access several studies and surveys in open access, as part of Online editions of the Institute of Art History.

The list of studies and surveys conducted and prepared by the Institute from 1966 to 2010 was published in the book Heritage in Focus (IAH, Zagreb, 2011), marking the 50th anniversary of the Institute's establishment, and can be downloaded here (pdf , 1,4 MB).

Research in progress

Popis aktualnih primijenjenih istraživanja, konzervatorskih elaborata i podloga.

5. 1. 2022.

Studies published 2021–2022

Published studies and research conducted in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

5. 1. 2022.

Research archive

Popis primijenjenih istraživanja, konzervatorskih elaborata i podloga nastalih u suradnji istraživača i suradnika Instituta za povijest umjetnosti (1978.–2020.).

5. 1. 2022.