Informational, Communicational and Theoretical Aspects of Art History

The unit brings together various studies in the field of theory and history of art history. Starting from the assumption on the necessity of understanding the historical development of the discipline, the subject of its interest and its cognitive methods, the scientists at the Institute systematically study the history of Croatian art history and the epistemological development of the discipline in general. Within this field of interest, oeuvres of individual art historians and visual critics are explored and analyzed, as well as the history of ideas, scientific methods and writing genres that have greatly shaped the art-historian knowledge of processes, phenomena, works and individuals (authors) in Croatian art and beyond.

The scientist at the Institute keep up-to-date with the contemporary development of the discipline of art history – aware of the theoretical polyvalence of approaches to artwork and artistic phenomena, in their own research, they test or apply innovative methodologies in order to rectify and complement existing knowledge as well as promote new methodological paradigms within their own academic environment. In line with the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary development of the discipline of art history, research conducted at the Institute brings together art historians and scholars from related or otherwise similar fields, taking into account that research projects also result in the operational adoption of new methodologies that guarantee the internationally relevant practice of art history.