Art Topography of Croatia

In addition to the specialized scientific projects of the Institute of Art History, with a broad spectrum of research covering the majority of topics relevant to Croatian art history in the period from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, one project has been formed that brings them all together.

This is the Art Topography of Croatia. As the name implies, in contrast to the usual exploration of artistic heritage with respect to the sequence of origin and styles of designing certain types of monuments, the basic unit of organization of art-historical material from the topographic point of exploration is the place, or space where the monuments were produced.

This means that the entire artistic heritage within a certain geographical area – from cities and settlements, through architecture, sculpture and painting to applied art, as well as archeological and ethnographic heritage – is simultaneously explored and documented.

In order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is a complete valorization of the artistic production of a particular region from prehistoric culture to the present day, external associates from related institutions such as museums and conservation institutes, as well as members of other profession (archaeologists, historians, geographers and ethnologists) have joined the art historians and architects of the Institute of Art History in their research.

Topographies published so far:

For more information about thus program refer to the book Heritage in Focus (IAH, Zagreb, 2010).