Press Clipping Archive


Irena Šimić
P. +385 1 6112 046

The Press Clipping Collection was formed within the Institute’s Documentation Unit in 1972 (Milan Prelog, Ivanka Reberski). During the first years, the influx of material was secured exclusively through the subscription to press-clipping services (Belgrade-based newspaper publishing company, founded in 1952). In later years, the Institute’s staff continued to extract relevant material themselves, populating the collection with a wide range of daily newspapers clippings and systematizing the gathered material alphabetically, by subject and by author.

Relevant press clipping units refer to painting, sculpture, architecture, artist groups, as well as prominent cultural professionals. The material is organized into cardboard folders (in alphabetical or chronological order). The folders hold further types of material (photos, lists, manuscripts, etc.) for certain topics.

The material was originally systematized by Anđelko Badurina, Tonko Maroević, later Marija Buzov (later at the Institute of Archeology), and in the last few years by Vlasta Zajec.

The collection’s date range is from 1963 to 1982, and after this period the systematization of the press clipping material was discontinued. The basic arrangement of the material is held in six tin cabinets.

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