Ethical Code

The Code of Ethics of the Institute of Art History

The Code of Ethics of the Institute, based on the guidelines of the Code of Ethics of the Committee on Ethics in Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Croatia, defines and promotes ethics as a set of positive principles governing the ethical responsibility of individuals in professional, i.e. scientific and public work, the norms of human and professional relations of the Institute’s employees, the institution’s ethical responsibility issues, and the manner and subjects of judgment in case of possible violations of the principles of the said code.

The scientific and professional work of the Institute's employees requires conscientiousness, adherence to the principles of scientific integrity, respect for authorship, avoidance of scientific dishonesty and fraud in science, care for the protection of the integrity of persons and immovable and movable cultural property covered within the conducted research, and avoidance of conflicts of interest.

The implementation of principles of the Institute's Code of Ethics is overseen by the Ethics Committee.

Members of the Ethics Committee of the Institute of Art History are:

  1. Darka Bilić, PhD – research associate
  2. Sanja Horvatinčić, PhD – postdoctoral researcher
  3. Lina Šojat, librarian
  4. Vlasta Zajec, PhD – senior research associate
  5. Andrej Žmegač, PhD – senior research adviser in tenure.


Ethics Commissioner

The Ethics Commissioner, who receives complaints from employees of the Institute, citizens and other persons, regarding the unethical and possible corruptive treatment of workers, promotes ethical behavior in employee relations and the ethical behavior of employees towards citizens is Andrej Žmegač, PhD.

Ethics Commissioner of the Institute of Art History

Andrej Žmegač, PhD, research associate, senior research associate in title

Protection of employee dignity

Protection of employee dignity and discrimination prohibition are defined within the Rules of Operation of the Institute. The person authorized to receive and resolve complaints regarding the protection of employee dignity at the Institute is Ivana Mance, PhD.