dr. sc. Katarina Horvat-Levaj

Director Assistant

Ivana Haničar Buljan, d.i.a.

Head of Scientific Council

dr. sc. Petar Prelog

Head of Subsidiary in Split

dr. sc. Josip Belamarić


Nela Gubić

Public relations and information access official

Ana Ćurić

Ethics commissioner

dr. sc. Andrej Žmegač

Personal data protection official

Nela Gubić


For all the contacts of IAH employees please visit this site.

Ulica grada Vukovara 68
10000 Zagreb
P. +3851 6112 744
F. +3851 6112 742

Kružićeva 7
21000 Split
P. +38521 345 039; +38521 345 036
F. +3851 6112 742

OIB: 59451980348
IBAN: HR93 2360 0001 1013 4843 3 (Zagrebačka banka)
ID number: 1339958
Registration number: 080167403
Registration number from the Registry of the Scientific Institutions: 020

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