Information Documentation Unit


Irena Šimić
P. +385 1 6112 046

The Information and Documentation Unit serves as professional and infrastructural support in carrying out the Institute's scientific research and other programs (project implementation, production of studies and surveys, arrangement of exhibitions, implementation of publishing activities, construction of information systems, etc.).

The documentation collections led by the Institute gather extensive and varied material closely specialized regarding the field of art history and they serve as links between the primary professional and scientific processes and the development of the Institute’s databases:

The material is processed according to the modern standards of documentary, registry and archive processing, with the help of digital platforms, databases and other IT tools. The procedures for expert processing, systematization, protection and presentation of material are conducted in accordance with the relevant Laws and Regulations on the Protection of Archival and Registry Materials, and they are carried out both by professional associates as well as the Institute’s scientists and associates.

Types of material:

  • photographs;
  • architectural plans;
  • databases;
  • manuscripts;
  • audiovisual material;
  • electronic records;
  • press clippings.

The Unit’s scope of work comprises of:

  • collection, organization, systematization, cataloging, storage and protection of material;
  • digitization of material consistent with the Institute's scientific and research needs;
  • professional processing of material (formal and substantive);
  • development of records, catalogs and other information aids;
  • supervising and providing access to physical and electronic material and databases;
  • keeping records of the material and of material use.

Senior professional associate – documentalist oversees the process comprising the work of the Documentation Unit.